Birthday Boy: 1 Year

First birthdays are never remembered by the child but are a remembrance for the parents, and mostly for the mom. ☺️ Seth is one year old as of last week and although the year went by incredibly fast, Don and I both feel like Seth has always been with us. We felt that way since the day we brought him home from the hospital – it felt so natural to have him in our family.

For his present from us, he received two cars and some bubbles from the Dollar Store. His reaction was so sweet. He delightedly gasped in surprise as he held up the cars. I’m so glad I was able to capture it. He is a happy, simple, little boy, and Donnie and I thank the Lord every day for such a wonderful son.

Two Nights with Cousins

Seth spent the weekend with Aunt Beth, Uncle Duncan, and his cousins, and did he ever have fun. At 11 months old he’ll take all the action he can get, and he was surrounded by it. He had four energetic cousins to try to keep up with and had the best time!

Donnie and I enjoyed our anniversary weekend, but at the end of it all, we were both excited to go pick up our little boy. We sure love his toothy smile and cheery face!

Costco is Way More Fun this Way

It’s always fun for Seth to be with his cousins, and yesterday we had the privilege of grocery shopping with Aunt Sarah and baby Gideon. I pushed the cart with the boys and Sarah had the food cart.

Seth sat happily in front, looking all around, while Gideon smiled and cooed to the back of Seth’s head from his car seat.

I had my list on my phone (Trello) and added costs to the items I usually buy as we went along, which helped me keep an eye on my end total. 😳 Sarah and I even decided we would split certain groceries later too which was nice.

Both the boys eventually got ridiculously tired and crying ensued till they both crashed on the way home.

Even though outings can be faster with just Seth and me, I’m happy any time I get spend time with my sister.

Amazon Prints: Wall Prints, Photo Books, and More

I just recently subscribed to the Amazon Prints newsletter, hoping to eventually receive coupon and offers. Currently, they are offering 20% off to select customers now through the end of May. See details and qualifications, here.

I’ve used Amazon Prints for a few different print projects and the quality of their prints is incredible. I’ve purchased two canvases, two photo books, and received 50 complimentary 5×7 prints – – all of them, outstanding work.

Amazon’s online editing tool is easy to use and I love the choice of layouts, background, and embellishments. They also have your order delivered within 10 days and don’t charge shipping for Prime members or orders over $35.00.

Here are some screen shots of the editing tool…

Screen Shot of Baby Book 01

Screen Shot Baby Book 02

and here’s a peek at the pages from my wedding lay flat album.

I have to say the cherry on top is that Amazon allows you to photo wrap the front and back of your book. So our wedding album looks like this:

All in all, a huge smile and satisfactory sigh after dealing with Amazon – – once again. 😊

Fishing for Lake Trout

Last Saturday, Don took me fishing. He’s owned a two person raft for the last 4 years, and in that time, has turned it into quite a proficient, little watercraft.

We spent a relaxing 3 hours in the sun, eating our picnic lunch and enjoying the time together. I’m beginning to cast my line with more fluency, and hopefully, I don’t look as ridiculous. ☺️ I’m so glad Don is a patient teacher, otherwise I’d get even more frustrated at my casts, and end up with my line in tangles about me.

The Outcome: Four trout and two sun kissed faces

Two of the trout were mine. It was great fun and I hope to go again with him, soon.

We Love You, Mothers, Everywhere!

Happy Mothers Day!

This is my first Mother’s Day with the “official title”. Last year, I was counting down the weeks till our son arrived.

I don’t even have one year under my belt yet, but I see how motherhood is such a blessed and fulfilling calling! My heart is completely overwhelmed each morning, when I see Seth’s happy face peering at me as I open the door to his nursery, and hear his giggles as he reaches for me, and our day together begins. Seth is a constant reminder of the Lord’s goodness and mercy towards Don and me.

And each day, as I grow in motherhood, I am increasingly thankful for the example my mom gives me.

When my sisters got married within a few months of each other, I ended up being the only daughter at home for three years and enjoyed this special time, growing closer with my mom. My mom is so wonderful, fun, simple, and sweet, and that’s on top of being absolutely beautiful — my dad would agree! Over the years, I’ve noticed how fully she gives herself to her calling:

In the home:

the food she sets on the table, decorations that make a home cozy, rearranging of the furniture (I used to laugh but now I do the same thing), the ways she saves or makes a little money to help out

In the family:

the way she cares for my dad and make his evenings after work, restful for him, the activities with the grandchildren, the encouragement she has for us daughters, how she loves and honors her parents

In the community:

the gatherings and phone calls with her friends, and the emphasis on God’s Word at the center of every part of our lives, her kindness, extending to anyone around her, her willingness to be of service, even in the hidden things

I am so blessed to have her as my mother.

And I’m lucky to have two wonderful mothers!

I also have my mother-in-law who I am so thankful for! She is thoughtful, caring, kind, and sweet, and is also there for me in every way that my mom is. She encourages me in motherhood, being at home, taking care of Seth, and enjoying him. I enjoy any time we spend together and our talks.

Sometime I watch old footage of our families — Donnie and I as children — I’ll watch how both of our moms created an atmosphere in their homes, founded on Biblical stories and activities to raise godly, creative, energetic, and healthy children.

With their encouragement and the mercies of the Lord made new to us every morning, I will raise our children the same way.

So, thank you mothers, and we love you!

Summer Pizza Nights

Summer is on it’s way — each week the temperatures rise, the sun shines a little more, and my excitement grows while awaiting my favorite season! One of our little traditions for Friday evenings in Summer is pizza nights on the porch. With some of our favorite garnishes: freshly grated parmesan and crushed red pepper, we sit in the golden and pink glow that Olympia sunsets offer, and peacefully enjoy our favorite Italian food.

I’m looking forward to sharing these times with Don again.

Follow the links to view the pizza dough and pizza sauce recipes.


1st Anniversary Post

Our 2nd anniversary is up and coming. Wow! Don has planned a special outing and I am so excited. Last year, I started a Google Site but the features were limited and a not as easy to use, which is why I transferred to Word Press. I am copying over a post for our 1st anniversary, to start this year off. The videos I burned to the DVD are embedded below.

Post date: May 26, 2017 3:42:06 PM

To celebrate our 1st Wedding Anniversary on May 28th, I created and burned videos I made to a DVD for my hubby. We’re also getting a complimentary anniversary cake from Celebrity Cakes. We chose the lemon cake a year ago, and hopefully he forgot all about it so I can surprise him on Sunday.

I can’t believe how quickly one year has gone by, so much has happened even from just the 1st Monday we were home from our honeymoon.

June – Arriving Home:

We went to orchestra and I was thrilled to see the amount of people with stringed instruments. We started practices for a wedding in July and Don also went out of town for a week of work in Oregon.


From there, we celebrated Independence Day and my birthday, with Donnie leaving periodically out of town, which provided me the opportunity for visiting our parents and dining one evening with his grandparents.


We spent a couple days in Eastern Washington for a short vacation with family and on our return I found out I had mono for the last several months, including our wedding and honeymoon. I just thought it had been the warm climate making it difficult to breathe!


Directly after finishing the final hour of work on Friday, we decided to celebrate the success of the past weeks, with a one night camping trip. It was so wonderful and Don is quite the expert planner, so even though the weather was sunny and chilly (it rained earlier in the morning), we were quite cozy, and had great fun and a marvelous experience!


We found out we were expecting our little bundle in mid-October and soon after, we started working to perform the Christmas Festival by Leroy Anderson with the entire orchestra and choir sometime in December.


Don’s birthday came and we celebrated this event together with a bout of the stomach flu, still managing to work in a few laughs about the whole ordeal. Thanksgiving rolled by, complete with morning sickness, and a mental note that the following year would allow me another shot to enjoy that delicious food, as it was not meant to be, this year. 🙂


We performed the Christmas Festival on December 23rd, a Friday evening, and a dear friend’s engagement followed the morning after. We took off to Ocean Shores for the holidays and visited family staying in Seabrook, WA. Don had sweetly planned a present to await me in the cabin we booked. The present contained slippers, a cozy winter robe, and tea.

January & February:

The new year brought snow and the anniversary of our engagement. We did leave town for some rest & relaxation in early March.


When we returned, I only had 10 weeks left to wait for the arrival of our baby. I started preparing the nursery.


Our first Good Friday together was the start of our family traditions, replicating what our parents had done with us through our childhood and the liturgies we remembered on this day. I also made lamb pitas for lunch and during the evening service, I was listening to the songs being sung instead of singing or playing the music, which I hadn’t done since I was 14 or 15 years old.


I stopped work on May 22nd, just a little over two weeks before my due date, and so far have loved every minute of being at home. I celebrated the 1st couple days with a visit from my sisters, and a lovely breakfast with a dear friend, the following morning. I also spent a sunny afternoon with my mom which was something we hadn’t done together in a long time. It was wonderful and I look forward to that more this summer. On Sunday we’ll be celebrating our anniversary and then we have just a little longer to wait to meet our baby.

Just yesterday, May 25th, we congratulated two wonderful friends of ours on the arrival of their little girl, Heather. I’m super excited to find out if we have a little daughter or son in approximately 12 days.

In the meantime, I need to burn this DVD to have it ready for Sunday. 🙂