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My name is Amy. My husband and I married in 2016 and in 2017, we received an amazing bundle of happiness and delight, and we called him, Seth Jordan.

My daily life brims with activity: jaunting to the market with my sisters & nephews, occasionally working from home, rehearsing with our orchestra (I play the viola as skillfully as I can utilize nap-times for practice), discussing good recipes with friends over tea, cherishing the romps on the floor with our son and celebrating each new thing he learns, discovering ways to save a little $$ here or there, trying to time and break my own records for household duties, and (hopefully) laughing at myself later in realization — what a silly idea that was!

It is a simple life that we have together. Each week is often times a repeat of the last, and consequently may seem ordinary and uneventful; still for me as a fairly new wife & mother – it’s high adventure!

Seth Jordan: 11 Months Old